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IB Bikes is born from the passion for classic motorcycles and from the awareness of the needs of the times we are living in.

European cities are restricting free circulation of contaminating vehicles and in IBBikes we have seen an opportunity to give our much-loved classic motorcycles/bikes a second life and at the same time contribute to the creation of an ecological and sustainable alternative to urban transport.

We have two different manufacturing concepts: The first one involves the total restoration of a classic motorcycle to transform it into an electric bicycle meeting current regulations for bicycles. We use as many original parts as possible, our premises are always functionality and safety, although we sometimes allow ourselves an aesthetic license. The second one involves building a fully handcrafted bicycle from zero.

Our bicycles are built one by one and no two are alike. All the components we use are new and can be replaced o customized to the customers´ request. The designs are inspired in/by mythic motorcycles and in classic bike competition. As for the restored models, the new bicycles meet current standard regulations.

We are open to any project. If you have an idea, we can study it and probably shape it. Write to us.

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