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Our bikes

IBBikes Philosophy

When we decided to start making our bicycles, we knew they had to be made under the premises of exclusivity, safety and functionality without neglecting any of them.

Without doubt we want our models to be the most attractive, but we don’t want them to be just a mere piece of art/design with little practical utility and a deficient manageability. We think that aesthetics should not be incompatible with an optimal pedaling posture or with the best technological features. We have invested a lot of time and effort in achieving optimal combinations between functionality, technology and aesthetics.

Central engines:
Unlike other manufacturers and according to our philosophy, in IBBikes we always use central engines from the renowned and reliable brands. Amongst other advantages, a central engine confers the bicycle a much more natural, balanced and dynamic performance than hub engines (engines which are integrated/built in the front or rear wheel) and is placed close to the centre of gravity and low. It also delivers much higher torque levels to traditional hub engines of same or higher wattage.

We manufacture our bicycles one by one in our workshop in Spain. The decoration/ paint is customized according to the customers’ needs. The customer can also choose from a wide selection of components and accessories. We consider each bicycle as an open project, to achieve our customers´ highest satisfaction. 

Some may think that our bicycles could be more faithful to the models they are inspired by, or that, in the case of our classic motorcycles turned into electric bicycles, we could/should keep and use the majority of its original parts. We agree; however, it is a meditated decision. We have assessed the improvements in safety and functionality, followed our own esthetic criteria and acted consequently.

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