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History of the model

Text: Daniel Navarro

The History of the Guzzi Motor Hispania 65 is part of the automotive history of Spain. The Vespa 125cc and 150cc or Seat 600 have been icons of this process of motorization, although sometimes, historians forget about the small Guzzi 65 which was one of the most best-selling motorcycles in the country.

A real utility vehicle, tough, reliable, easy to use, and as its advertising read “a cashier´s check if it had to be sold”, thousands of Hispania Guzzis were sold from the 40s to the late 60s, with few changes and great success, proof of its capacity as a utility vehicle.

Its story starts at the height of the 2nd World War. In Italy, Motor Guzzi, aware that after the war many basic vehicles will be needed, starts to develop the first prototypes. At the same time, Oscar Rava, executive for Fiat and Jewish, leaves Italy and establishes in Barcelona (Spain) where he opens an official representation of Lancia in 1942. But the Spain of the post-war in the 40s is not up to buying cars. His contacts in Italy allow him to conclude an agreement to manufacture that 65cc motorcycle which they have already been manufacturing for some time. In 1948 he already has agreements with Rabasa in Barcelona and with Industrias Sevillanas de Aviación (ISA) who will provide the necessary parts to put together the first Spanish Guzzis under his company´s name: Motor Hispania. These will be the first Guzzi Hispania 65cc manufactured in Spain, after having imported a few units.

The company prospered: Guzzi 73, 98, 110, the new 49, from the previous 65cc which was adapted in the middle 60s to meet the new motorcycle regulations. A few years later, motorcycles like Dingo or Cangurito…Guzzi Motor Hispania became one of the largest motorcycle companies in Spain. But it never achieved the level of success of the fantastic Guzzi 65cc motorcycle or if you prefer it, Guzzi Grasshopper, Prawn or Guzzy, because the 65cc, as all vehicles that have been widely known in Spain, have had all kind of nicknames and popular names.

The IBBikes e-Guzzino is more than a tribute or a recreation of that Guzzi 65cc, it is an authentic Guzzi 65cc reborn in the XXI century. Manufactured from an authentic chassis from the mythical motorcycle, this e-bike respects the shapes and sizes, the essence. In the chassis, the mechanics has been replaced by a system of pedals and the latest technology in electric assistance with all the components measured and designed for a comfortable and pleasant ride. A new life for these mythical motorcycles, which will continue to increase their legend.

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